Organization is the key to success!!

Each 5th grade student has been supplied with a daily planner.  Daily
planners are kept in each student's large binder.  Students are responsible for writing their daily assignments down during and at the end of each day.  

Thank you for taking the time to help your student make a habit of checking their planner, doing their homework, and returning these items to school daily. It is important for our students learn to be self-reliant, especially as they transition to middle school.

Homework is considered independent practice for new concepts taught.  Not all homework is graded, however I expect students to be accountable and have it completed as assigned.  Should a student be missing homework or not have an assignment completed they will attend study hall as a consequence.  They will complete any missing homework during their time in Study Hall, not to exceed 10 minutes. 

Typical Weekly Homework Assignments
*subject to change and not limited to the following

Reading Response Log - Students will have a two week period to complete six reading response questions.  Students should read for 20 minutes and then chose a question from their Fiction/Non-fiction question list. The log should be signed by a parent. The Reading Response Log will be counted as a Reading and a Writing Grade. 

A spelling packet of 18 words and three pages of activities will go home on Monday (Tuesday on occasion) and be due on Thursday.  A test will be administered on Friday.  

Math homework will be given at the teacher's discretion and may include the completion of classwork, practice problems, and/or online math websites.  

Social Studies
Weekly Geography homework will be assigned each Monday and is to be completed through the week and turned in on Friday. 

Parents’ Homework
Tuesday Folder

Your homework is to check your child's Tuesday Folder each week and sign the cover sheet on the front of the folder. 

The Tuesday Folder is a great communication tool.  It provides an opportunity to go over your student's work with them. I feel it is important to look through items that were missed and try to figure out the correct answer or brainstorm ways to make improvements on future assignments.  We learn from our mistakes!

Please look through this folder for important information from myself, the school/district, and the PTA.  Be aware there are often papers that need to be signed and returned to school in a timely manner.

***All papers with a grade below a 70 need to be signed and returned to me.