Mitchell's Minutes

Week of November 13th, 2017

Dear Parents,

This past week was filled with incredible learning experiences… almost too many to describe! On Tuesday, CCE students participated in a beta testing for Google Expeditions Augmented Reality experience. Students were able to interact with the asteroid belt and weather phenomena as if they were standing alongside us in the room. Excitement was bursting!

Later in the evening, our fifth graders performed their wonderful musical tribute to our military and veterans. Mrs. Martin and each of fifth graders did an outstanding job! Fortunately for us, fifth grader reprised some of their songs on Friday morning as they led the Veteran’s Day Assembly. I thoroughly enjoyed the memories shared by our parent veterans, Major Steve Alvarez (US Army, Retired), Senior Airman Amy Hall (US Air Force, Retired), and Colonel Chris Burke (US Air Force, Retired).Their words inspired us to think how we can support our veterans this holiday weekend. The silent exit to echo taps was also very moving. All of us appreciate veterans even more after today’s presentations.

Thanks to Dr. Smith and our many parent volunteers, Robolab was this week. Working in teams, students created a “sumobot” and faced off against other teams in the competition ring. Students had ample time to design and redesign their robots using the engineering process. We used block coding to make the robots perform. I was proud at how well students worked together, navigating competing ideas on their team while also showing respect and character. Everyone had a terrific experience! Please let PTA know that this was money well spent! Kudos!

As if this were not enough, German classes are underway, students are writing their  Haunted History essays, we can multiply and divide with fractions, and experiments in force and motion are underway in Science.  We have learned and done a lot this week!

Look forward to another very full week of learning before our Thanksgiving break!

I have added several photos to our Class Photos folder of the various activities we've done over the past few weeks. Check it out here .

Thanksgiving Feast
Our Annual Thanksgiving Day Feast is Wednesday, November 15th during your child’s regular lunch time. We love to have family members join us! Please complete this quick google form so we know how many people to plan for. Thank you!

News from the Library
Fall Book Fair is here! We have some great opportunities that will benefit our book fair earnings!
Book Fair Hours
Nov. 13 - 7:20-3:30
Nov. 14 - 7:20-6:00   ** Open late! Shop and then support our school at Bush's chicken for dinner!
Nov. 15 - 7:20-3:30    **You can shop before or after having Thanksgiving lunch with your child
Nov. 16 - 7:20-3:30
Nov. 17 - 7:20-12:00
Classroom Library Book Donations - Thank you! Any book your child thinks the class would like is great!

Volunteering -  If you are interested in helping the library out with sales, please contact Erin Patterson at for the SignUp link.  We have many shifts that need to be filled.

Geography Awareness Week
This is a quote from the National Geographic Society - “Too many young Americans are unable to make effective decisions, understand geo-spatial issues, or even recognize their impacts as global citizens. National Geographic created Geography Awareness Week to raise awareness to this dangerous deficiency in American education and excite people about geography as both a discipline and as a part of everyday life.”

Next week, November 13-17, is Geography Awareness Week 2017. Seth Neuman, a Geographic Informations Systems Analyst, will be visiting CCE on Friday, November 17. As part of his presentation, Seth creates a map with the hometowns of the students' grandparents.  Please use this link to tell our geographer the names and locations of your parents (our class' grandparents).  We need this by Monday.

Science Materials Needed
A favorite activity in 5th grade Science is building Aquaterras (half aquarium, half terrarium).  Each aquaterra requires (2) 2- liter, crystal clear (not green), smooth soda/water bottles.  With several sets, we can offer smaller groups and more hands on opportunities for our students. 5th grade teachers are offering $5 comet cash for the bottles.  Please think of us if you have a party or an event with these types of bottles.  We would appreciate them rinsed out and with the label peeled off as cleanly as possible.  We will also need the caps.

Thank you to those parents who sent in snacks for our classroom to share.  Honestly, I have never kept a stock pile in my room for snacks before.   I only every kept a few pretzels for the rare occasion a student forgot. This year, several students a day are asking me for a snack.  Some parents donated bulk boxes from Costco and that lasted until this week.  Our class is now out of snack.  Please encourage your child to check their backpack before they leave school to ensure they have something to each before our late lunch at 12:15.  Or, if you are able and willing, please send in some snacks to be kept for students who forget their snack.  

Auction Items Needed
We had our first auction about four weeks ago and the kids cleaned up!  Everyone got something to delight them. Thank you parents for all of your generous donations.  I do have to ask, again, for you to replenish the classroom stock for the next Auction slated for December.  If you find yourself at HEB or Target, please visit the candy or toy isle.  And keep in mind that clearanced Halloween Candy is usually good for 6 months.  I appreciate all donations and the kids do too!  

This Week

Math - Multiplying and Dividing Fraction Word Problems
Language Arts - Haunted History Biography Research Essays and Non-fiction Text Structure
Science - Experimenting with Forces
Social Studies - Document-Based Question - Jamestown: Why did so many colonists die?

Important Dates

Nov. 13 - 17 - Fall Book Fair!

Nov. 14 Book Fair is open until 6:00 pm
Bush’s Chicken Spirit Night, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Nov. 15   Thanksgiving Meal
Nov. 20 - 24 is Thanksgiving Break!
Nov. 30   Picture Make-Up Day (must send original picture book to get retakes done)

Dec. 7 Singing Stars Holiday Concert, 6:30 pm

Dec. 13 Singing Stars Caroling, 6:15 pm

Dec. 21 Winter Party 1:45

Dec 22 - Jan 8 - Winter Break

Jan. 9 Students return to school for spring semester

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rebecca Mitchell