Mitchell's Minutes

Week of Feb. 19th, 2018

Dear Parents,
We had a great Valentine’s Day Party this week. The ice cream was delicious and music was loud. Some of our kids really know how to move and grove.  Thank you to all the parents who set up, cleaned, and withstood the chaos.  It was a blast!

Yearbook Pridelines
I'm sure you all know that the 5th graders get some extra pages in the yearbook this year.  One of them is the parent/family Pridelines.  These are SHORT messages from a student’s family expressing how proud they are of their 5th grade student.  These are great surprises and memories for your student to look back at many years later.
***We are limited to one Prideline per student.  Please make sure your message is not too long so it will fit in a small box.
Please go to this google form to enter your child's prideline.  

This is due this Monday, February 19th.
We love your giggle, creativity and caring heart.  You are a blessing to our family.
Love, Dad & Mom

Congratulations, Jennifer
Your hard work in elementary school has made us very proud!
Keep it up! Love, Mom, Dad, and Lily

If you do not submit a prideline for every student, a generic message will be placed for your child.

Currently, only 29 pridelines have been submitted.  

Photos Orders
Photo Texas does not do re-takes for Spring pictures. If your student was absent on picture day, you may take your child to their studio and you will get them the same price. Their studio is in the Four Points area in River Place. You can call to set an appointment - Photo Texas (512) 617-7780

All other picture orders are due by Monday, Feb 19th.

Up, Up, and Away!
It is time to take our math and science skills to new heights. The 5th grade students will be learning about the history of hot air balloons and avionics. They will work together in pairs to construct their own balloon for CCE’s 8th Annual Hot Air Balloon Launch which will be held in March. Each student needs to bring 2 new rolls of scotch tape by Wednesday, February 21st, for this project. All other materials will be provided.

Balloon Launch Volunteers
We will also need several parents to man the propane tanks and help fill the balloons with hot air as students are not allowed close to that equipment.  It is also just a really fun thing to come out and watch. We invite the whole school to come and even get a couple of curious neighbors who come to see what we’re doing.  Our tentative date is Friday, March 9th.  If the weather's not cooperating with us we will have to postpone.

Be on the lookout for a sign up genius asking for volunteers and to borrow turkey fryer stands (3), full propane tanks (3), and work/heat resistant gloves (9+pairs).   

Science Materials Needed
To build our aquaterras, we could use a few more 2- liter, crystal clear (not green), smooth soda/water bottles that are rinsed out and have the label removed. We also need the caps. Thanks. I’m still offering $5 comet cash for every bottle I receive.

Class Auction
Our classroom is looking to replenish our stock of items for our next auction.  Kids love candy! If you would rather not give candy, the kids also enjoy novelty pens and markers, light-up sticks, notepads, etc…

Character Word of the Month - Optimistic

Units of Study
Math -  Multiplying and dividing decimals using algorithms and models
Language Arts - Connections Across Texts, and concluding Persuasive writing/Debate
Science - Water Cycle, Weather and Climate
Social Studies - The Revolution: The War at Home

Important Dates

Feb 19-20 Student Holidays/No School

Feb 23 Hot Air Balloon Build Day

Feb. 23  Multicultural Night

March 9  Hot Air Balloon Launch, 8am - weather permitting  

March 12 - 16 Spring Break

March 21  STAAR Ready Science Practice Day - please do not schedule doctor appointments these days

March 30 School Holiday/No School

April 10th  Math STAAR test  - please do not schedule doctor appointments these days

April 11th  Reading STAAR test  - please do not schedule doctor appointments these days

Have a wonderful extended weekend!

Rebecca Mitchell