IXL Math 
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Divisibility Rules Review -

ThinkingBlocks.comMultiplication/Division - Illustrating Word Problems

Social Studies 

We the People...A Social Study:

At home access info for online encyclopedias:
Go to CCE's website. Click on Library. Click on Resource Station. Choose Britannica or World Book. Use the following usernames and passwords. Then choose the appropriate level for you.

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World Book
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Library of Congress - Meet Amazing Americans:

Chapter 10 Review

States and their Capitals - Geography Games and Tests

States and Capitals - Geography Games and timed tests

Roanoak Colony Websites:

1. National Geographic:

2. Primary source:Ralph Lane

3. Smithsonian:

4. Social Studies for Kids:


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Gems and Minerals A-Z

Phase Changes of Water Song - Mr. Edmonds Rocking with Soul Sister

Keeping Warm

Solutions Song - Mr. Edmonds Rocking with Journey

Properties Song - Mr. Edmonds Rocking with the Beatles

Circuits, Conductors, and Insulators

Alternative Energy

Advanced Research Project Agency - Energy (ARPA-e) -

EcoKids Use the interactive image to look at the image of different renewable energies. Readabout renewable energy at the top of the page.
Hydropower - US Energy Administration for Kids
youtube video on hydropower

Geothermal Energy - US Energy Administration for Kids
Youtube video on Geothermal Energy

Solar Energy - US Energy Administration for Kids
youtube video Commercial for Solar Energy -

Wind Energy - US Energy Administration for Kids
Vimeo - video on wind energy

Biofuels/Biomass - US Energy Administration for Kids
video on biofuels - National Defense Education Program - LabTV

Alternative Energy Debate Cities

Grand Junction, CO

Port Orford, OR

El Centro, CA

Moon PhasesCurrent moon phase.

A CLOUD INSIDE An artist creates a cloud INSIDE A BUILDING!!!
Force and Motion Forces
Laws of Motion Momentum Gravity Glossary of Motion Terms Mass and Weight Speed and Velocity Acceleration

National Weather Service -
many link to great information and interactive games about weather.
Weather Wiz Kids - 
lots of great information about weather and meteorology
Web Weather for Kids - 
try your hand at forecasting - links to current weather maps and radar
National Forecast Maps - 
you can click on any area of the US to get local maps and weather warnings

YOUTUBE CHANNEL Our class's youtube channel! MitchelsClass Check out our CWA commercial and our water cycle presentations.
Learn About Texas - Texas Regions Big Kids and Wild Things
Texas Parks and Wildlife - Fact Sheets
Design a habitat

Language Arts
Letter Generator
Robert Sabuda - Pop-Up Artist - Make your own!
Similes and Metaphors in Pop Music