Grading Policy

Campus Grading Guidelines
Fifth Grade
Students earn numerical grade on assignments, assessments and report cards according to the following scale:

E     90 – 100              Excellent
S     75 – 89                Satisfactory
N     70 – 74               Needs improvement
U     69 and below      Unsatisfactory

Failing Grades - Redo/Retake
Any grade below a 70 is considered failing, and the student will have a reasonable and fair opportunity to be retaught and to redo the assignment to further develop his/her understanding of the concept, earning a grade up to a 70.
Our focus is on mastery of the learning that corresponds to state standards.  At the elementary level, grades are not part of any GPA, and therefore, are not competitive in nature.  It may take some students longer with more assistance to gain mastery than it does for other students. 

Number of Grades per Quarter
District Policy (EIA Local) states that grading guidelines shall ensure that grades reflect a student’s relative mastery of an assignment and that a sufficient number of grades are taken to support the grade average assigned.  Elementary teachers will take a minimum of nine grades each quarter in each core content area (reading, writing, math, science, social studies).

Additional Grading Information
Specific information for fifth grade at Canyon Creek Elementary follows:

Nine Weeks Average 

Homework Expectations

Make-Up Work from Absences

Late Work
Gr. 5
70% daily assignments

30% assessments/

*Spelling will count for 10% of the Writing grade
Ongoing homework assignments will count as a daily grade:

-Reading Responses
-Spelling Vocabulary
Students will be required to make up assessments and daily assignments within a reasonable amount of time after returning.*
It is very important for students to learn to meet deadlines and turn items in promptly.  Teachers will set final due dates for assignments and late work.  Late work should be completed within the grading period.  Late work may result in point deductions, but will not exceed 10 points. The classroom teacher will determine whether points will be deducted.
*for extended absences, modified work and time requirements will be given

When calculating a nine-week average for a content area, no single grade will count more than 30% of the total average.  No two grades will count more than 50% of the total average.

Extended Absences and Make Up Work
Class work missed by a student due to an extended travel engagement will be assigned to the student upon returning to school.  Teachers are not expected to prepare work prior to a student’s absence.

Progress Reports/Conferences
A progress report will be sent home during the fourth week of each quarter.  A teacher shall request a conference with a student’s parents at the end of a nine-week period if the student’s grades are not passing.  Parents and teachers may request a conference at any other time for other academic or behavioral concerns.  Parents are able to view grades at any time through the Home Access Center.

Mrs. Mitchell's Grading Policies

Failing Grades (below a 70) 
If a student fails to earn a passing grade on an assignment or test, a Failing Grade Notice will go home and must be returned with a parent’s signature.  The notice lets you know if corrections have been made or if these need to be done at home.  It will also indicate if a make up assignment or test is required.

Late Work 
Assignments (class work, homework, and projects) will receive a grade deduction of five points if turned in one day late.  If the assignment is two days late, ten points will be deducted.  By the third day, the assignment will be given a grade of a 0 and will remain that way until the assignment is turned in.  Once the assignment is turned in, the grade will be changed to nothing higher than a 70. 

Example –
An assignment due Monday the 14th is turned in on Wednesday the 16th (2 days late).The student can not receive a grade higher than a 90 if all the work is complete and accurate. If errors are present, the assignment is graded as usual and 10 points will then deducted.

No student shall receive less than a 70 for complete and accurate late work that shows skill mastery.  Late work that does not show mastery will have to be corrected or redone for a passing grade of a 70.

Missing Work 

Missing work results in a zero and can have a large impact on a student's final grade.  Students are always given up to two weeks to make up missing or failing grade work to earn a 70.

A Late Homework Notice will go home the first three days an assignment is late. The Late Homework Notice, along with a parent's signature, must be turned in with the completed assignment or it will not be accepted.    

Home Access Center - Viewing Your Child’s Grades
Parents are encouraged to sign up for Home Access Center (HAC).  If you have not logged on to HAC before, you will need to go to the district website and click on Student/Parent. Then, choose Home Access Center.  Next, click on log-in.  On your left it will say, "If you do not have a username and password for Home Access Center, you can register by clicking Here."  From there you will be able to register for a username and password to get onto HAC.

You will be able to easily see grades your child has received and if any assignments are missing.